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Abduction Hinge Hip Joints

Abduction hinge Hip Joint Drawing
  • Makes it possible to catheterize a child without removing the ISOCENTRIC® RGO.
  • Allows more activities to be performed in the brace promoting longer wear and increasing benefits.
  • Abduction hip joints can be used on one or both hip joints.
  • Allows for the ISOCENTRIC® RGO to be worn for longer periods of time.
  • NOT recommended for heavy patients.

Abduction Hinge Hip Joints - Small and Large
Abduction Hinge Hip Joint Assemblies
Small-Pair AS200
Small-Right AS200R
Small-Left AS200L
Large-Pair AL200
Large-Right AL200R
Large-Left AL200L

Abduction Hinge Hip Joint Lower Bar Only
Abduction Hinge Lower Hip Joint Bar Only
Small Pair AS101
Small Right AS101R
Small Left AS101L
Large Pair AL101
Large Right AL101R
Large Left AL101L

Upper Bar Only
Please see Upper Hip Joint Bars


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