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Conventional Hip Joints

Conventional Hip Joint
  • Very durable and user friendly designs - includes the upper and lower bars, connecting plate, and hip locking parts.
  • Available with extra long upper or lower hip joint bars.
  • Sold as hip joint assemblies for locally fabricated RGO’s.
  • Sold as replacement parts to upgrade or retrofit existing Dual-Cable-type RGO’s.
Conventional Hip Joints - Small and Large
Complete Conventional Hip Joint Assemblies
Small Pair CS200
Small Right CS200R
Small Left CS200L
Large Pair CL200
Large Right CL200R
Large Left CL200L
Large with Extra Long Lower Bar Pair CL200X
Large with Extra Long Lower Bar Right CL200RX
Large with Extra Long Lower Bar Left CL200LX

Conventional Hip Joints  - Lower Bar Only
Conventional Lower Hip Joint Bar Only
Small Pair CS101
Small Right CS101R
Small Left CS101L
Small Extra Long Pair CS200X
Small Extra Long Right CS200XR
Small Extra Long Left CS200XL
Large Pair CL101
Large Right CL101R
Large Left CL101L
Large Extra Long Pair CL101X
Large Extra Long Right CL101RX
Large Extra Long Left CL101LX

Upper Bar Only
Please see Upper Hip Joint Bars



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