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Pre-Selected Hip Joints

Pre-selected Hip Joint Drawing

A pre-selected joint simplifies the unlocking method by breaking it down into two steps.

  1. The patient pre-sets the joint to the unlock position. The patient remains stable until they are ready to sit.
  2. With both hands holding on to their walker the patient gently stands more upright. This action takes the load off the connecting plates and the joints snap unlocked!

Patients using RGOs with conventional hip joints are sometimes afraid to unlock their hip joints for fear of losing balance because they must let go with one hand to unlock the joint. This leaves the patient in a very unstable condition with the danger of the torso pitching forward. As described above the pre-selected hip joint eliminates this hazard.

  • Safer and independent hip joint unlocking means more independence and greater self-esteem.
  • The Center for Orthotics Design lower hip joint bars are interchangeable with the medium or large Fillauer, Inc., hip joints.


Pre-selected Hip Joints
Pre-selected Hip Joint Assemblies
Small-Pair PS200
Small-Right PS200R
Small-Left PS200L
Large-Pair PL200
Large-Right PL200R
Large-Left PL200L
Extra Long Lower Bar-Large-Pair PL200X
Extra Long Lower Bar-Large-Right PL200RX
Extra Long Lower Bar-Large-Left PL200LX

Pre-selected Hip Joint - Lower Bar Only
Pre-selected Lower Hip Joint Bar Only
Small Pair PS101
Small Right PS101R
Small Left PS101L
Large Pair PL101
Large Right PL101R
Large Left PL101L
Large Extra Long PL101X
Large Extra Long Right PL101RX
Large Extra Long Left PL101LX

Upper Bar Only
Please see Upper Hip Joint Bars


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