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Specialty Coupling Plates for RGO Joints

Coupling Plates for RGO Joints
  • Specially designed to overcome the durability problems of conventional plates.
  • Standard thickness material - available in:
    1. Small - with reinforced flange.
    2. Large - with reinforced flange.
    3. Large heavy duty (Stainless .125) - Spacer required. Heavy duty material, 2 x normal thickness of a single pull coupling plate only requires special hip joint spacer.
Coupling Plates
a. Small with Reinforced Flange, Right S61RR
Small with Reinforced Flange, Left S61RL
b. Large with Reinforced Flange, Right L61RR
Large with Reinforced Flange, Left L61RL
c. Heavy Duty, Right L61HDR
Heavy Duty, Left L61HDL
  Spacer L75HD


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